We’ve made HISTORY

Mechaele Wright-Hodges Of Family Charities the 1st person to advocate and with Mayor Don Ryan ESTABLISHED MONTHLONG AWARENESS MONTHS in the Village Of Hempstead, New York in PERPETUITY for:

  1. Young People Awareness Month – April
  2. Mothers Awareness Month – May
  3. Fathers Awareness Month – June

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran issued a Proclamation declaring the same to be recognized in the COUNTY OF NASSAU, New York home to 1.37 Million People!

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams also declared the same in the COUNTY OF BROOKLYN, New York home to 2.649 Million People!

APRIL – Young People’s Awareness Month

Mechaele Wright-Hodges & Mayor Don Ryan made HISTORY!

JUNE – Fathers Awareness Month

Mother’s Month Breakfast and Brunch

Today we attended during MAY – MotherHood Month at Uniondale Library from 11am to 1pm a special Food Demonstration of items perfect for serving a spring brunch. Dishes included corn meal waffles, with baked grapes, grilled mozzarella sandwiches, salad with fruit and homemade vinaigrette, and a nonalcoholic pineapple cocktail, by chef Lucy Van Horn

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