An Open Letter To All Of The Hardworking Moms Out There

Thank you for being such incredible human beings. You are all superheros. You are all incredible women. You are all role models. You are all amazing.

The power of what one woman is capable of amazes me, and I wanted to point out a few things I love about you, Mom.


The world could be coming to an end, and you would still have a smile on your face. Even though it seems as though nothing is going right and times get hard, you still have a reassuring set of mind that everything is going to be OK. You never show when you’re sad, mad or upset because you never want me to worry. I can always count on you for being positive.


Your love is everlasting. Your love is powerful. A simple hug or kiss on the cheek from you instantly makes my day 100 percent better. Your warmth, kind-hearted spirit, compassion and kindness make me fortunate to have you in my life.


Did I mention your insane work ethic? You have several jobs as a mom. You have a career, you are cook, you are a maid, you are a a therapist, you are a nurse, you are an athlete, you are a tutor, you are a comedian and you are a mom.


The amount of patience you have is like watching an episode of “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.” Sometimes, I literally can’t believe the amount of patience you hold on top of the patience you already have. You are calm, cool and collected. You don’t yell – well, maybe sometimes when you get really frustrated, but that is a rare occasion. You think before you speak and apply your actions. You’re there to listen, give advice, help when needed and just be there.


No matter how much of a bad day your children may have had, if we missed a shot from the free throw line, if we failed our test, if we can’t figure out what shape goes in what shape box, you’re always there to tell us, “You did a good job.” You are constantly finding the good in every situation and telling us how proud you are.


It’s not easy to tell us what do when we don’t want to listen to you, or being a parent instead of a friend. But you know where to set the boundaries and how to show us who’s boss because that’s you. Without your constant reprimanding, telling me wrong from right, I wouldn’t be the person I am today: appreciative.

So thank you for all you do, even though at times it is goes unnoticed. This is a letter for you, because your constant love, strength and patience is always truly appreciated. It is what has helped me become the person I am today. Your hard work and drive makes you a superhero. No one can do what you do on an everyday basis.

Source – Esperanza Gutierrez